Two whole weeks of Nothing

Well not quite nothing, I have been to my fitness class the last two Tuesdays, but apart from that, nothing.

In my last post I was doing so well, fitting the run things in around all the other things. There is only one problem with that; it is very easy to let the other things get bigger and not quite manage to fit the run things in. 

To start with, it felt good. I was giving my body a rest. Because maybe I had been pushing things a little too hard with all those fitting in bits here and there, and it felt like everywhere. And as I've said before, I'm not that person who can do everything; possibly I was trying too hard...

The second week of nothing, though, I started to feel a bit scratchy. Now I couldn't fit things in and I was starting to resent it, and get grumpy. But the pattern of that first week off held for the second.

There are lots of reasons why I couldn't quite get out there. We have a provisional move in date for the new house (yay!), which is less than three weeks away (eek!), and I have had to do a couple of urgent missions to get stuff. And I am actually doing a pretty good job with keeping on top of my school work for a change. But my reasons start to sound like excuses when I list them like this, and that's how I was feeling about them during the week too.

Bigger picture, there are always times when we just can't, and as long as I recognise them for what they are, honestly, then I can work on them:
  • lack of motivation - I still haven't found a goal for the interim between now and the Westcoaster in December, so I'm not pushing myself at all. Any suggestions for August-ish are very welcome.
  • exhaustion - I can only do so much; I need to remember that and not push too hard.
  • priorities - with a moving date just around the corner, house stuff has to come first; getting to the butcher and vege shop of an afternoon is often kindof crucial as well, if the family wants to eat.
  • meh - sometimes it's all just a bit much, can I just go hide in my bedroom and eat chocolate, please?
My diary - with two definite runs
and two question-marked ones.
So there's a tradeoff, or maybe a conflict, between the opportunities I can take on the fly and the need to have something scheduled in. If I am able to fit things in, that's great, but if I can't, it seems that I need to be a bit more organised.

You would think by now that I might know this about myself, but it's always a learning curve, and it seems that I might have to a bit of repeat learning before it sticks. I have definitely learned a couple of things:

  • Don't make wholesale changes - it's really hard to change a whole way of doing something so make small changes over time.
  • Know how things work - I should know that I am a lists and diary person; I often say that if it isn't in my diary, it doesn't exist, but if it is, it will happen. It's also why I call my diary 'my life'. You should see my planbook for school, it's colour-coded and everything.
  • It's very easy to make excuses - haha, that's not really a new one. But I am reminding myself about noticing false priorities, which is progress.
How do you keep going? What do you do to stay motivated? What do you do when you start making excuses?

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