Where is my motivation?

I will go for a run this afternoon... later... probably...
I forced myself to go for one yesterday morning too, which will be two in a weekend. Which is way better than the about four in the last month. But it was hard, and I did more walking than I should really need to.
What has happened? I was doing so well! I was going out for long runs and enjoying it and now suddenly it's all just got hard. I don't understand.
Maybe it's because the weather has got warmer and I get really overheated and fainty. And because running when it's warm is not my favourite that either means I have to get up early (hmm, what?!) or go out around dinner time, which is just a little inconvenient. I love daylight saving and summer, except in terms of exercise.
Or it could be because things got a wee bit busy for a while and I got out of routine with the school holidays and my fitness all just fell off. It does that, which is very discouraging. 
Or it could be because I haven't really been eati…

Throw away those scales!

About, ummm, maybe 6 weeks or so ago, I'm not sure, my scales ran out of batteries.And they were warning me for about 4 weeks before that that the batteries were low, so I can't say that I haven't had plenty of opportunity to get a new battery. But I haven't. 
Generally I am a religious scales watcher, every morning before breakfast, watching myself track up and down, being happy with the losses and working out the whys or justifying the gains. 
But in the last however long it has been, I have found a kind of freedom in not doing that. I have begun thinking that it is not about numbers when I measure my fitness and health, or at least, not about those numbers. I kindof started feeling this way when I was getting compliments for looking trim, but it was because although I was running, I was in the throes of worrying about the blue small person, and so not eating properly, and I was feeling tired and bleah. And I wondered if that was actually healthy...
So when my scales di…

Flying beneath the radar

I was going to write a completely different post, and I might try to get to that one next week, but a couple of things have happened this weekend, just small things, but significant, that have made me think that I might do a bit of reflecting about well-being right now.
The first of those things was that I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen for quite a long time outside the supermarket; we're both local and up until ... actually I'm not sure exactly when, we have both been going to the same fitness group, but we just haven't seen each other at all this year. In the catch-up that we had, we discovered what each other has been doing and just why we had no idea what each other was doing and it came from a comment that I hadn't been blogging and posting for a while, so what was I up to...?
Then, this afternoon, I read my boss's blog (Principal Possum) and began to feel a bit inspired, and to feel that I too might have turned a corner in the things that have had to …

Because ... All of the things.

Sometimes there are just lots of little things that you have to do, and they are not necessarily hard or bad things, but there are just so many of them. That's what I feel like at the moment, and I'm trying to find various ways of dealing with them.
Method 1: Run away.  Well not quite, but this morning I just had to stick Skrillex on shuffle and see how far a slow jog could take me - quite far as it turns out, even if I did walk the big hills. I don't recommend this for everyone, but your music and your activity should work. For me, this gives me time and headspace to think about how I might attack all of the things.
I find that this kind of assessment phase is really important, because if I don't take a step back from what's bugging me, it will keep on bugging me without any sort of plan for resolution, but if I take a reasonable amount of time to look at possibilities, I can usually come up with some sort of a plan that will get me organised with all of the things i…


Or: When not to do stuff.
Today was the perfect day to get out for a run, the sun was shining but there was a chill in the air, the small people were elsewhere, and I just really wanted to try a new way that looks longer but flatter.
But I forgot a few important things:
Like; that I had given blood yesterday evening, and as well as the pint I gave them, I also did an extra bit of bleeding, you know, just because I could. And like; that the pink small person spent the later part of the evening having a couple of casual vomits, you know, just because she could, and so my sleep was half listening to see if there were any more. And like; I had just driven three hours to drop the fully-recovered, box-of-fluffies pink small person to the Grandparents but retained the blue one as his head had imploded. 
But well, who thinks of that stuff, and anyway, does it really matter?
It turns out that it does! Even as I was running up the driveway (which is not steep) I was thinking that it seemed a bit har…

When the going gets tough ...

... the tough reassess and re-prioritise.
Life has taken one of those turns where it all just gets a bit complicated. Part of that is my own fault - I might have taken on a few too many things all at once - but part of it is just the way things happen.
There is a big difference between being busy and having things happen. Usually I am busy, and that is fine. I chase around after the small people and their multifarious (wow, see that word!) activities; get my planning, marking and reporting done at the very last minute; do a bit of volunteering at the local Cricket club and a bit of extra-curricular study; unpack a random box or take stuff to the Sallies from the move that happened a couple of months ago; catch up with my MTB crew or the Wine Ladies; and try and be a bit fit and healthy around all of that. However, the last couple of months have brought things.
Firstly, the blue small person has been unwell. We have had a couple of hospital visits and all sorts of testing, but we still do…


and blind corners...
I've been mulling this post for a while as it's not really a health and fitness one, so much as a shout-out to where I live and the genuinely nice people who also live here.
I live in the country. It's not so far out of the city that I can't go shopping or anything, but I am surrounded by farmland, and bush, and serenity, and community. All of these things are really important to me, but it's the community that I appreciate every time I go out running.
Living in the country, I run on country roads. Some of them have footpaths, but not many. Some have a hard shoulder, but not all. Some of them are gravel, even, but not too many. Some of them are so narrow there isn't even a centre line, including my own road.
But what I find is that no matter where I am, people driving on those roads are respectful of my right to be on that road too. Every single car on the road moves over and gives me plenty of room. They pretty much all cross over the centre l…