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Starting again ... again.

I love summer! And this summer has been a particularly good one - hot weather, great family Christmas, fantastic, amazing holiday away ...
But just that amazing summer-ness can also be a bit of a downfall to the health and fitness regime. By the time you have a busy end-of-year, the crazy lead-up to Christmas, all of the food and drink of the Christmas period itself, a holiday where relaxing is in and routine is out, and the days at home where the small people are asking "what can we do today?", eating even vaguely sensibly and regular exercise just don't tend to be a happening thing - for me anyway. I admire those people who manage to keep a regime going through all of the other stuff, but I freely admit, I am not one of them.
So this week, having added two weeks of my first ever flu onto the end of my excellent holiday, and now being back at work, I have finally started to get myself organised into something resembling a health and fitness mindset.
And it really does feel…

New Year's Resolutions?

To goal, or not to goal, that is the question...
I haven't made any New Year's resolutions this year, in fact, I generally don't. When I have, I have done like most people, and they have lasted about three weeks and then gotten all too hard. Most people find that's the case, but so many of us still do make resolutions - I wonder why?
I think it might be because we like to have goals. I have written about goals, and how they help me to achieve things that I want or need to do. Having both small goals and bigger goals allows me to work what I want and how I am likely to get there, as well as giving me something to measure against, which I personally need.
So, goals are good, right?
Well, no, not always. 
There are some problems with setting goals. The biggest one that I find is that when I achieve one, I am a bit lost until I find another one, particularly with the bigger ones. What if I don't want to do that thing again? What if there isn't something else I can think…