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Having the right gear.

Anyone who knows me will know that this is not going to be a post about appearance - the right gear for me will never be 'what I want other people to see', because I generally couldn't care less, but what works for the activities I am doing. And that is why having the right gear is actually really important.
Having said that, I'd better make a bit of a disclaimer, because about a month ago I was lucky enough to win a competition through the Asics Roadtesters NZ group and I have received some awesome gear from them.
Anyway, with the West Coaster coming up, I have been going through all my gear trying to work out what will actually work best for me through the off-road half-marathon that I will be competing in (well, at least completing...). There are a couple of reasons that I need to think about this. If I get too hot, I faint. It's a blood pressure thing, but basically I have to wear stuff that breathes really well. I have a couple of favourite running leggings, but …

Fitting it all in

and not losing your mind in the process...Although, it has to be said, I am not sure about the not going crazy bit, just at the moment...
At the moment I am training for an event - the half of the Westcoaster. This is going to be huge; I have never done an off-road half before and when I did the 13km section of the team marathon of this a couple of years back, I nearly died, it was so hard. I have a training program which should work me up to the right level of fitness to complete it - and completion is what I'm looking for - but trying to follow that program is a logistical nightmare!
I addition to me training, the small people between them have activities every single day of the week. This means drop-offs and pick-ups, and staying at the venue if it's too far to go home, and then getting home and trying to get dinner eaten before it's the small people's bedtimes. And the husband does his share where he can, but that's mostly the weekends, because he works stupidly …