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Today I did lots of walking.

All of the uphills, 'cause today was HARD!And I was wondering why. There are several things that it could have been, I guess.
Maybe it was that I am still stiff from the hardout fitness class on Tuesday (thanks, Beth!). It was a combination of boxing and strength stuff, but it was the chest presses and jump squats that really made me sore. And I could really feel my running muscles protesting as I was attempting to run up the hills, which is why I walked so many of them - usually if I am a bit rough to start with, it usually gets easier after a few kms, but not today.
Maybe it was some random time of my cycle that is just making me feel really tired. Who knows where I might be in that, as, being 'a woman of a certain age', my cycles are somewhat unpredictable, and I never quite know what is happening. At least none of the other symptoms of being in my mid-forties decided to rock up, as then I truly would have turned around and gone home! 
Maybe it was the weather. It looks a …

Moving the goalposts

Or: I did it! Smashing the Small Goals.                So now what?Okay, not so much 'smashing'...
Today I managed my 5km loop in 29 minutes and 40 seconds; last weekend I got all the way around my 8km loop without stopping. I am really pleased with myself, because it has taken about 6 weeks, but those small goals I set for myself have been achieved. And achieving something you have been working towards is always a good feeling.
The big question now though is, what next? Having reached the metaphorical goalposts I set for myself, I now need to shift them out further, to keep making goals that will stretch me, but be achievable. At the risk of using too many cliches, I can't rest on my laurels at this point, I need to have a series of goalposts stretching out into the future.
Usually when we talk about shifting the goalposts on something, it is meant in a bad way. That's often is the case too, if it happens when we are partway through something (which is typically when it …